E’ Festa (Coke Beats remix) by Coke Beats


Featured in a Techno documentary that was a candidate for a Grammy titled “Techno Is A State Of Mind”, charted four times in the Beatport Top 10 Techno charts and with over 1.5 billion views on Tik Tok….DJ icon Coke Beats just released his latest single “E’ Festa”, a Techno haven for anyone who wants to dance…dance…dance, and vibe all night.

Coke Beats is already a household name in the Techno world and not only that but he collaborated and shared the stage with icons that include Aphex Twin, Goldie, and Michael Brecker.

“E’ Festa” is a tough, gritty, and hypnotic Techno track with a lot of energy…it kind of sucks you into this high-energy meditative state that takes you into another dimension, where there is no worry, no past, no future…just the present.

The song is almost 5 minutes…which is enough time for the track to truly unfold and evolve through its stages to full energetic maturity.

“E’ Festa” starts with a very hypnotic and meditative vocal line that feels like the song is casting a spell on you…and that is what happens, literally…you get into the groove right after this, and the kick…well, kicks in.

The track is a slow burner, it takes its time to evolve, taking you from one stage into the next, with each stage Coke Beats is adding more elements that help you transition deeper.

Using anthemic leads, unique synth sounds, and percussive elements, Coke Beats is a time traveler that will transport you to the land of the German Techno scene of the 1990s….and he succeeds greatly to deliver the right mood and energy.

Coke Beats, you’re achieving so much and we wish you all the best. You deserve it.


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