Love Apart ft. Electra Lovelle by Coke Beats


Coke Beats’ latest single masks its sadness in a sheen of shiny and punchy house music, with tight beats, crisp production, and a memorable vocal part courtesy of the talented Electra Lovelle.

The Dublin-based, multi-platinum producer and DJ Coke Beats return with the fresh new single, Love Apart. A song about being stuck in a relationship long after it has run dry when both parties opt to stay together out of fear of change or of loneliness, so they both choose to stay lonely together. While the message is one that’s ultimately tragic, the music that Coke Beats provides us with is hip, dynamic, and energizing. 

The production should be our first stop. The smart sounds Coke Beats utilizes on Love Apart are mainly a throbbing bass part, a beat that evolves from consistent claps to a dynamic groove that sounds brisk and driving. The choices for the synths are all fitting, sitting in nicely with the rest of the instrumental. While Coke Beats doesn’t necessarily break new grounds with the production, the job is mostly nice and clean, to the point, and the sound is neat and sharp. The feature of Electra Lovelle, an Atlanta-based singer/songwriter, is another fitting choice. Her soulful delivery and distinctive vibrato make her performance memorable and make it stand out from the rest of the song, which is just what you need with a song with lyrics as thoughtful and as meaningful as Love Apart.

All in all, Coke Beats’ latest release is a nicely executed piece of pop/house that’s groovy, punchy, and tight, easy to blast on the dance floor, and easier still to recommend or to add to playlists.


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