Embrace by Julian Petrin


After 30 years of writing and recording music, artist/composer Julian Petrin decided to re-record and re-release his impressive and diverse catalog. In 2003, Petrin released Embrace as a part of the compilation Café Abstrait, and in 2020 recorded it once again, and today we’re going to dig deep into it. 

Embrace opens with a subtle melodic beat that acts like its solid core, it has a magical nature within its sound and pacing that fuels your curiosity, making you wonder where it’ll go next. It keeps evolving into a theatrical sound with layers of groovy bass and loads of melodies added as it progresses, resulting in a dynamic stream of emotional melodies that smoothly flows within a solid structure that brilliantly keeps it all together. Julian Petrin clearly invested a lot of time perfecting Embrace’s music and production, it can be heard within its interesting multi-layered structure and well-crafted dynamics that keep things interesting with movements and changes, without any loss of its mood or compromising its sound. 

Julian Petrin’s Embrace is a lovely sonic journey with skillful songwriting and beautiful flow, its well-crafted arrangements and compositions show Petrin’s talent and great sense of melody. He’ll gently take you on a theatrical trip as you go through Embrace’s ups and downs, hanging on to its solid sound and heartfelt music and looking forward to more, cheers!



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