Bob Marley Had a Shooting Range by EXPLODING PIG


What do you get when you mix explosions, pigs, jazz, blues, reggae, and Bob Marley?

You get the awesome new single “Bob Marley Had a Shooting Range” from the awesome band Exploding Pig!

Exploding Pig doesn’t see limitations, they see opportunities…they mixed reggae and jazz to create a new hybrid sound…and they won big with that.

This sound can only be heard at the hands of Exploding Pig…and these are the hands of…

Luis Bonilla on trombone

Fabio Schurischuster on guitar

Albrecht Klinger on bass 

Bernhard Wimmer on drums

…I love the fact they have been described as “Jazz Futura” or “Jazz meets 70’s porn music”…that’s very cool.

This awesome musical group is based in Vienna, Austria, but their music knows no boundaries…it’s a mix of so many things…

“Bob Marley Had a Shooting Range” starts with some reggae sounds like the iconic rhythmic pattern of the organ, and the percussions…but then the jazzy trombone speaks…then the blues guitar jumps in…

The track is a conversation, led by the trombone and the guitar…with their backdrop being a mix of jazz and reggae beat sections fused together.

Exploding Pig is giving the world something new…and something worth experiencing…actually it would be a highly recommended experience to kick back and chill to.

We wish the awesome people of Exploding Pig all the best…we can’t wait to hear more of that unique sound they masterfully crafted.




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