EP: Element by DOMAX


London based musician under the moniker DOMAX has been releasing music since April 2022…and now, he’s releasing his latest EP “Element”…an electro sonic realm that keeps expanding, both musically and imaginatively…it’s a world of wonder.

DOMAX has worked with some established names in the scene, including Sister Sledge/ Incognito/Emile Sande and others…he’s also a guitar player for the band The Streets.

With no limits on his creativity, DOMAX doesn’t have a ceiling, or a musical area that is off limits to his creativity…everything is within reach, he can reach to any element in the sonic realm…and create with it.

“Element” started as a demo for a live show, but then it took a life on its own…and we’re glad to hear that…but we also wonder, ‘how would it have been in a live context?’

I mean, the visual embodiment of DOMAX’s music could be an epic world of color and light…maybe we’ll see that realized by the artist in an upcoming project? Crossing our fingers.

“Element” is an EP with 4 tracks under its belt…

All the tracks share the world of electro, but each with its own charisma and unique musical character…

…like the EP starts with “Chrome”…a hard hitting electro track…fast paced, in your face while containing some ambient melodies and experiences that adds some storytelling elements to the overall energetic experience.

Moving unto the second track, the EP title track, “Element” takes it easy on us, takes the energy down a notch and adds more elements that will take us for a spin in a new electro experience…the beats are strong, the ambient soundscapes are rich, full and creates a wall of sound…the melodies are experimental and futuristic.

…the third track “Dlr” does two amazing things…firstly, it pushes the boundaries of the trippy electro and fuses it with strong melodic presence…the locomotive here is the bass and beats, while the melodies are a byproduct of all the moving sounds of this musical experience…

Reaching “Lotus” would mark the fourth and last track in this mesmerizing electro world…and it’s the type of track that you’d find on the dance floor, it’s more dancy, its less experimental and more about moving your body…and it does it with ease, we couldn’t keep still while listening to “Lotus”…

“Element” is an EP that pushes musical boundaries, while still having a strong commercial presence with its last track.

We wish DOMAX all the best and can’t wait to hear his upcoming works…and hopefully experience his live performance in all of its glory.


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