EP: Infinite Light by Major Kami


The new EP “Infinite Light” from Major Kami is a complete experience gift wrapped in a 2 track package…a bit unusual you say? Wait till you hear the rest of it…

First of all…Major Kami is a concept rather than a name…basically, it’s Dan Burkhart and Denis

Expert composing the music, and lyrics written by Camille Miller and Denis Expert….

…along with them, several female singers participate in the vocals.

It was an idea born in 2019 in the hands of a collective of artists called DAMde8 in Bordeaux, France.

The idea was to bring artists together from all over the world, and have them practice and collaborate on musical projects without ever meeting each other…it was an idea, but soon enough turned into reality.

The concept was to craft songs about David Bowie and his life journey, but without ever mentioning his name in the lyrics…a challenge after another, they set for themselves a very high ceiling…and in the process, they win the challenge and they transcend beyond music and lyrics.

…these collaborating artists are from all over the world…and there are more than 30 of them…how are they able to create something? It’s a mystery…or is it absolute and utter dedication to the idea and to challenge themselves to the extreme?

…in either case, they are absolutely nailing it.

Their latest EP “Infinite Light” is a 2 song designed and crafted to bring people together, as the artists brought themselves together…

The first song is “Mystical Musical Maze”….and it’s a spacey, chill anthemic song…with huge vocals filling the air, with sonically perfect synths…It’s trip in an infinite space…

Their own description of the story of how this song came about is just too perfect not to mention here…

Mystical Musical Maze We were still locked up (Covid), when this piece was written, and I imagined Bowie’s vinyl records as a sonic and spiritual elixir to all the negativity that was going on

…just imagine taking that sonic and spiritual elixir when you hear the song…

…speaking of a trip in infinite space…

The second song is titled “Infinite Light”…

“Infinite Light” has a beat and a more traditional sonic structure…however, the touch that Major Kami brings to any of their songs can be sensed…and it feels like you can feel their artistic creations…

“Infinite Light” feels like you’re participating in….a space parade full of amazing structures and designs, floating in space, going from planet to planet…

The synths are on point, every single one of them…the leads, basses, organ pads…everything sounds good together, gelling in nicely.

Major Kami’s concept is so fresh and so challenging, it sucks you into their world…and it’s not easy leaving.

They’re preparing for a tour…now they will take the audience on the actual space trip. I’m imagining an amazing live performance with an amazing lighting show…it’s gonna be stunning.

We wish all the collaborative artists the best in life, you deserve the best.

Can’t wait to see what trip you take us on next.



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