EP: Interludes by LHW

Leyla Lacheri

“Interludes” EP is the first release by LHW musician and producer (Layton H Weedeman), brought to us in 8 tracks that transport us through hip-hop, lo Fi, and soul, with a touch of jazz full of relaxing elements.

With extensive live experience and keen on creating original works, LHW is not shy about experimenting with tunes while drawing inspiration from his listening habits, especially in the classic hip-hop music of the ’90s. On the other hand, meeting guitarist Loisel Machin Rodriguez proved to be a momentous experience as it allowed LHW to showcase a subtle and funky bass line with an organic flavor.

Perhaps it is this live acoustic component that lends the “Interludes” tracks a Jazzy-like quality bolstered by the intimate piano tones that are constantly present along the tracks. The background of drumming helps to form simple but wonderful rhythms, drawing on the atmosphere of an invisible but tangible space that takes us to that magical spot that makes people dance.

A brilliant effort by American producer LHW on his first Yellow Couch Recordings, recorded in his home studio in Brooklyn, embarking on a career we’re confident we’ll see more compelling releases.


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