EP: Mark Solo by Mark Hennen


You might be a jazz fan or maybe not, but the one thing we would agree on the presence of great musicians such as “Mark Hennen” 

Mark Hennen is an incredible veteran musician in the music industry with 50 years of remarkable experience as a solo artist and as a member of acclaimed groups. What’s really stunning over here that you will be listening to masterful solo played all the parts live by him.

While listening to Mark solo looks like looking at a beautiful painting with many different colours mixed together in a random but perfect mind taking way.

The song starts with a cheerful beginning, full of energy and keeps on getting better as it goes on. Definitely, the syncopated rhythms played by the drums are so energetic. You can feel the dynamics change in a professional way and using different effects ignite the atmosphere.

You cannot miss the harmony between the piano and the guitar lines, especially the powerful rhythms of the drums which are so spontaneous indeed.

From the first minute of this piece of art until its last one, Mark Hennen provided a masterful jazzy masterpiece. 

Finally, listening to “Mark Solo” is a great way to rekindle the passion you need to start your day.


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