Meara McDonald

Underbelly is performed by Joelle Corey, yet written by her with the cooperation of Anna Feller.  

The song starts with kind of an ongoing monotone music for about a minute in the beginning, then another minute with the words (aaaahaaaa aaaaahaaaa). The length gives a little bit of distraction to the listener.  

Along the song, the lyrics tell a story or describe a feeling of longing and desire for love or relationship in a nice and consistent way, which in its turn gives a good view of the feeling of the author. The listener might at some point relate to what is being said, but might as well get lost in the story, due to how the lyrics lack richness. In my opinion, the lyrics could have been made richer by adding the stops and repetitions in other parts or adding verses along the song, as I believe it will take the song to a whole new hitting level.   

The song ends with a total nakedness of Joelle in an attempt to draw more attention or gather more audience to the song. The nakedness is used as a way of distraction, hoping the listener or the viewer of the video would disregard the music and be more attracted to the feminine body that is showing.  

The song would be fit to be played while shopping or at a bar.  


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