EP: my life so far by Ava Bryant


New York-based indie pop singer and songwriter Ava Bryant released a fun series of emotional recollections that are rich and cheerful in her newest EP on the 23rd of September, called “My life so far”. Ava started recording solo in 2018, and since her debut album, she has released half a dozen singles and 2 EPs. Her most famous song ‘always you’, has 2 million streams alone on Spotify. 

Mellow, fun, and easy on the ears, Bryant flaunts her talent with her voice and she makes the perfect candidate for a new commercial pop sound. The Ep is made up of 5 songs, and its general tone is cheerful and comforting, although there are a lot of existential questions about the situations life throws at us. The idea of the Ep seems to be revolving around the ideas of regret and how not to take this notion into movement at all. The Ep is a collection of some fragments of life situations and how she feels about them, with topics like identity, making the right choices, bad decisions,  and not wanting to go by society’s rules. It is about embracing your choices, no matter what they resulted in. The overall sound of the Ep is a slow burn of cheeriness and emotional vulnerability, with undertones of rebelliousness and recklessness. The soundscape is mostly slow pop sounds, and the musical arrangement is not very complicated,  but high in textures made with Bryant’s vocals and tune-humming, taking her pop singing to a higher level. The rhythms of the tracks are slow or medium paced which is unlike commercial pop because of Ava’s character and choice of emotional representation.  Most of the melodies are created with fun and light piano notes, heavy snare, and clapping sound effects, and heavy drums in one note, or several. Some notable sounds are the fun backing vocals of the lyrics and backing humming tunes that create a more dynamic effect on the songs. 

The order of the songs is just a grouping of ideas starting with herself with “Who the hell am i” and then moving to decisions with “it’s so fun”, and moving to more sensitive topics of love with ‘ forget me’ and ‘Give me you’, and ending with a comforting song, “we’ll be oka”’, as a conclusion to the heavy questions and reflections on bad decisions and reckless attitude. Ava really shakes things up with her new EP, making complicated emotions sound simple.