If It Lasts (feat. Sterling Duns) by Joe Kenney


Artist Joe Kenney released a bubbly and emotional song called ‘If it lasts’, featuring Sterling Duns, on the 26th of October, from Phoenixville, US. Joe is an award-winning recording artist and pianist from Philadelphia. His success reaches a broad range of genres including hip-hop, new soul, and classical music. This is the second interaction of Kenney’s original work.

This is song is stunningly beautiful and sophisticated because of its’ musical soundscape and diverse vocals. It feels like a song you would hear in a Disney Movie. The idea of the song speaks about relationship struggles, and the song originally has a duet of Elle Gyandoh and Murphy Bug, with Dun’s vocals as the new layer of vocals. The overall sound of the song feels like a piece of classical music for a theater or a fantasy princess film, with a unique spicey hip hop and R&B fusion that takes this song to a much wider creative scope of things. The vocals of the three singers are so strong and emotive as they tell us the story of struggle, The bars in the rap vocals are slow, and the song as a whole is slow rhythm paced. Joe also uses a theme by Beethoven as a reharmonization of the song. The musical composition is rich, starting with a melancholic guitar melody that is slow and unravels to heavy cymbal usage, magical harp sound effects, and whimsical piano. You can blast this in a car or even slow dance to it!




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