Mr. Strange by Jenn Vix


Artist Jenn Vix released an interesting and controversial concept video and song that shatters the glass wall between art and society’s ‘normal, with her new song ‘Mr. strange’ all the way from Rhode Island, US, on the 7th of October. Totally out there in flesh, bones, and power, Vix is a multi-instrumentalist who is adept at bass, lead guitar, synth, and vocals. Nothing like the sound or ideas of pop music, Vix really pushes the boundaries with notions, the unspoken, and the representation of them through art and music. You just know you’re in for something different when it’s Vix. The song is mastered by Colin Leonard who has worked with Cardi B and Beyonce.

Dark, daring, and authoritative, Vix introduces us to a feminist narrative in an astounding and unconventional way. In her song, she talks about adventures with a male blow-up doll. Lifeless, plastic, and binding to her will, it seems that Vix dreams of a world where women are the dominating force. We may think, that the doll, Mr. strange, is smart imagery of the unfamiliarity of the dismantlement of the patriarchy, and how she wishes that this feeling is the true reality of the world. A true artist Vix doesn’t use the usual storytelling to convey her message. The overall sound of the song is dark, mysterious, and weird in a good way. The soundscape is edgy pop and there is an undertone of erotic energy that takes this pop song to a whole new level. The rhythm is medium paced and the melody is sweet and created with xylophone sound effects or what imitates it. There are also creepy magical sounds that create a scary atmosphere, with electric guitar outbursts that make the song even darker. Vix’s vocals are strong and high-pitched, with her vocals used to make more texture with echoes. This song is a must-hear for all the feminists out there who want the world to be rid of the undeniable patriarchal reality.


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