EP: Night Sweats by MAGZ


Personal experience is a never-ending well of inspiration that keeps on giving…and this is where MAGZ found a door to that well…the result…her debut EP “Night Sweats” a very real and pure musical and lyrical experience for all audiences.

MAGZ is based in New York City, USA…and from there she crafts sonic experiences that mirror her life experiences, and her story and serves as an inspiration for all people about the resilience of the human spirit.

MAGZ is releasing “Night Sweats” with 7 songs…

…this journey is a genre-bending one…

Don’t expect to have a straightforward and easy journey here, this is both deep and mountainous…let me explain.

“Night Sweats” will not abide by just one genre…and MAGZ will not shy away from deep emotion…she will share her pains and her wins…MAGZ will put herself vulnerable front and center and will share her life stories.

From the lo-fi intro of the first song “For Good”…to a more downbeat electro experience with “Quicksand”.

…going through the experience of “Night Sweats” you’ll come across ethereal and dreamy soundscapes with “The Memory”…but you’ll also come across a more energetic experience when you check out “I Don’t Like You At Night”, it’s got the energy to it scattered within its 3 minutes…

The last song of “Night Sweats” is titled “Beginning”…which in itself is a very interesting choice of naming…but after you’ve been through the EP I bet you’ll get the idea.

The concept is about going through pain but starting again and being able to live life…and the last song here is the exact representation of this concept…after everything that has been said and done, we’ll rise up once again and live.

“Night Sweats” by MAGZ is a highly recommended musical and lyrical experience that no one should miss.

MAGZ, we wish you all the best in your life…and we can not wait to see what you have next for the world. We’re fans.




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