EP: Time Heals Everything by TeeshyBaby


TeeshyBaby is back with his latest drop! After last year’s single release: “Homicide” which caused a buzz and gained the liking of his fans, he’s back with an EP this year: “Time Heals Everything” and he’s ready to dazzle his fans once again. TeeshyBaby started releasing his music and sharing it with the world in 2019; with every release, you’ll listen to the artist’s sound evolving and developing into a unique and authentic sound. His music is highly driven by his passion and dedication to influence generations to come by always keeping it real; for everyone who feels left out or doesn’t belong. 

“Time Heals Everything” is highly influenced by R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rap genres with a hint of pop. The EP is short yet striking and emotionally intense; each of the four tracks is about 2-minute long but rich in context. Starting with “Smoking Habits,” a song that portrays how someone is trying to quit their bad habits, like smoking and drinking but can’t. Looking at it from a different perspective, I think it’s a struggle everyone is going through in their own way, making this song relatable to its listeners in more ways than one. The artist uses electronic, psychedelic-like sound effects in the intros of “Smoking Habits” and “X.O,” which puts you in a bubble, setting the mood for what’s coming next and grabbing your attention to the message he’s trying to send through his music. 

“No More” was my personal favorite; it starts with a piano solo of a beautiful, sweet melody, followed by a sudden shift in the mood once the vocal line starts with its intensity, moving the piano line to the background throughout the song. Moving to the last track: “Treat You Right” is a regretful track of how someone should’ve given more attention to his girlfriend rather than himself. 

The EP’s context leaves me wondering whether the lyrics and songs are projected from the artist’s personal life. They’re real, raw, and extremely specific, and I find it hard to be randomly written. This brings us to the EP’s title, which caught my attention too; it’s not the title of the EP’s main track, but it Sounds like a hopeful message the artist is trying to send to himself, anticipating a better tomorrow and wishing that time would heal all his pain portrayed through his music. 



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