Gravity by Jon Henri


All the way from Kansas, USA, a groovy funk found its way unto all the biggest music online retailers and all music platforms…this little song is a disruptor and it’s called “Gravity”.

“Gravity” is written by Jon Henri and produced by Daniel Hickman.

Jon is originally from Michigan, but he’s currently based out of Olathe, Kansas.

It looks like Jon and Daniel took the delorean and set the date to somewhere in the 80s, make a disco-funk song as authentic as possible, get back into our current time, and release that tune.

“Gravity” is both minimalistic in its approach from both a production and composition points of view, you get all the authentic sounds of the period…along with period-authentic guitar licks, drum groove…and vocal performance….and let’s not forget about that bass, it’s an integral part of the style, genre and the success of this song for sure.

“Gravity” has been picked up by many radio stations, played in clubs, and found its way into the internet and its infinite branches, reaching all over the globe.

Jon is giving us a period-accurate lead vocal performance along with the layered group backing vocals…which fits rather nicely in the structure and production of the song.

The song starts out with only a drum groove…it reminded me of the approach of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”… especially after the iconic intro synth sound and after it fades away, the drums just start grooving…Jon Henri’s “Gravity” gave me the same energy…and it only builds up from here.

So, right after the drums kick in the vocals start to…I can’t think of anything other than the vocals are ‘funking around’…Jon delivers a vocal performance with a flow and groove that is an absolute highlight.

The closely clean-shaven electric guitar licks are the funkiest of all.

Bass is thick, punchy, and dancing.

You can check out “Gravity” on all major online platforms, it’s written and performed by Jon Henri and produced by Daniel Hickman.

If you are a fan of the 80s disco funk movement and can’t find a time machine…give “Gravity” a listen, that’s the closest thing humanity has right now.

Jon, we wish you all the best in the world and we’ll be on the lookout for your future projects.


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