EP: Weird Party by Norrisette


Norrisette’s latest album is, proudly, music for weird raves, and it is even titled Weird Party. The short, 6-song EP is a collection of her most popular tracks of her 6 concept EPs, and while the concepts range from Whale Songs all the way to crumbled bits of paper, there’s a miraculous cohesion to her sound, that’s there if you really want to see it. 

Based in Manchester, Norrisette is a one-woman art and noise pop project. She creates all aspects of her songs by herself in her tiny Manchester flat and she’d profound success with her formula, if not necessarily commercial, then at least is honing a sound that’s truly hers and is expressive of what she has to say. 

Norisette’s Weird Party is unadulterated noise popping. Clanking, intricate, and borderline arhythmic, the cluttered environments that Norrisette crafts are detailed and hazardous, with the sounds she utilizes being sharp-edged and the constructs she creates in danger of collapsing at the first gust of wind. Or that’s how they appear to be because the fact of the matter is that the pieces on this album are far more stable and composed than they first appear to be. 

An acquired taste without a hint of doubt, Norrisette’s sound targets a very specific listener, and maybe that’s why she started FLUFF, a regular musical night for queer artists in Fuel, Withington, which has hosted the debut sets of many artists, and has been mentioned in The Guardian for its role in the underground music scene in Manchester.

Norrisette’s star-studded lineup of influences might be inviting, but this greatest hits EP of hers will test you harder than any of the names on the list, but if you pass the test, then you’ll be in for an immersive, adrenaline-fueled treat.



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