Music and Heart by Marika Christine

Lilly Blasklee

Following your passion in a capitalist society is a challenge. Artists suffer from this fact, as they have hopes and dreams that could easily get crushed when they meet soulless obligations with which they need to comply to survive. In her latest single, “Music and Heart,” Marika Christine soulfully and positively conveys this dilemma.

“Music and Heart” is the San Francisco-based artist Marika Christine’s third single. Led by acoustic guitar and sincere sentiments, Marika depicts the love-hate relationship she has with her hometown, which is cruel in meeting the artist’s ambitions yet warm in its familiarity and aesthetics.

The beauty of this song is in how it presents a melancholic, relatable topic in such a smooth, light-hearted manner. Marika Christine’s melodic, delict vocals are as sunny as the rays that are needed in every dark and cold time. The instrumentation works together to feel like a cozy hug after a tiring day. Next to the dreamy guitar chords, the delightful jazzy piano notes give some sort of consolation, and the optimistic percussion carries determination and is ready to pour into your soul.

To offer this heartfelt, well-executed piece, Marika Christine cooperated with a punch of talented artists: Spencer Owings (recording and mixing) in his backyard studio, The Grassy Knoll, in Oakland, CA; Jacob Winik (mastering); Adam Wilson (on keys); Maria Donjacrou (on bass and background vocals); and Fabrizio Incerti (on drums and lead guitar).

Complementing the passionate work, there’s an admirable music video that will take you on a tour of San Francisco and make you conjure up the places you love in your city, making you remember why you love it despite everything.

Enjoy the good vibes and keep an eye on Marika’s socials because she’ll be dropping her album, “Soft Like An Apricot,” on May 26. You can pre-order it now!



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