Falling Stars by De antiquis et novis


All the way from Munich, Germany comes de antiquis et novis, a unique EDM artist that is crafting melodic electronic music that is sure to keep you pumped and ready to go with a positive vibe…

The artist behind de antiquis et novis is none other than Matthias Schorer, he’s doing all of the amazing production, from composing, recording, and synthesizers to sound engineering…and he’s a force to be reckoned with, he’s a one-man show doing everything…and it shows in his craft.

Matthias, or should I say de antiquis et novis, just released a single called “Falling Stars”…it’s also going to be in his upcoming dance album, scheduled for release mid-2023…name is still undecided, or maybe it’s a secret…

“Falling Stars” is an uplifting dance track with mesmerizing vocals and upbeat energetic vibes, it definitely took my day up a notch, especially since I started my day with it.

“Falling Stars” starts out with an iconic piano intro, seconds in the hi-hats jumps in…then the beat…

Percussion joins in to give a fuller sound…and it sounds and feels amazing.

The positive vibes that the song gives off are absolutely much needed, especially in these times we’re living in…then the vocals jump in, hypnotic, and catch you in their grasp.

The song really is something to play and forget yourself to…you move with the beat and you let yourself go with it…

Production is top-notch, and the sounds are balanced and punchy, while the vocals are leaning more into the ambient territory…it’s a fusion that checks out all the boxes of an extremely enjoyable ride.

Matthias, you’ve got yourself some fans here already, so we can’t tell you how much we enjoyed “Falling Stars”…it’s definitely a highly recommended song…can’t wait for the full album, we’ll be on the lookout.



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