Feed My Mind by Venior


Prepare yourself for 3 and a half minutes of a tasty R&B dish mixed with a splash of psychedelia and a hint of the soul with Venior’s new single ‘Feed My Mind’ off of her upcoming album in January 2023.

Venior is a Finnish artist, based in Berlin. She is a singer/songwriter, producer, painter, and fashion designer with an outstanding eye for detail, at least as far as the singer/songwriter part is concerned.

A soulful and groovy little tune with splashes of heartfelt singing, minimal beats, and sparse composition with lush detailings in form of processed, percussive vocalizations and other sound effects. A very aesthetically distinct offering, with beautifully layered vocals and fun beats, and colorful effects.

Simple, radio-friendly “hits” often get a bad reputation, what can be considered overly processed and maybe a little generic can, and often does prove to be rich and detailed and not lacking in creativity or artistic flair. Venior’s Feed My Mind does serve this purpose very well.


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