Filthy by Nicholas Dante


Nicholas Dante’s foreboding atmospheres are complemented by dark production and suggestive lyrics in his latest single, Filthy.

Nicholas Dante is a New York-based pop artist who, on his latest single release, unleashes a barrage of innuendoes, backed by glossy, electrifying synths, processed beats that morph into banging choruses from subdued and brooding verses, and a layered song structure that keeps this neon-lit, back alley banger fresh and unpredictable throughout. 

On Filthy, Dante’s latest inferno, he brings a sound that’s at once ancient, almost primordial in its familiarity, and hip, in its crispness and high production value. For such a song, composed of what seems like a million little nuances, the general atmosphere remains masterfully tight and easy to follow. Regardless of the intimidating traffic jam of samples and licks gets, the song’s restrained and dark-sounding verses are inviting and intoxicating, paving the way for a short bridge that hypes the whole song up immensely, just in time for an explosive chorus that’s designed to get audiences crazy on the dance floor. 


Dante’s latest single is a song that features high production value, that gives it a flawless sound. His lyrics are unashamed with nothing to hide, his deliveries are colorfully brash, and the result is a piece of intoxicating electro-pop that’s ready to fire up discos of all shapes and sizes.


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