Artist and rapper Bones The Spitta based in New York, US, released a dark rap song called “Revenge”, one that will leave you with feelings bubbling up about people who hurt you. Dropping on the 8th of June in 2021, this song continues to make hot listening rates on Spotify. Bones started making music at the age of 16-17, after getting an internship at a recording studio. He has one album and has toured in some parts of Asia and Europe. 

This song is definitely for savage modes only. It talks about getting revenge and bringing your right to the table after being hurt. You really feel it from the beat that was chosen without even the words. Bones really went thoughtful with the production on this one. The overall sound of the song is intimidating and daunting. You’ll be wondering who crossed Bones and inspired this creation out of him. The soundscape is harsh and catchy, with orchestral sound effects creating the tone and slow pace of the beat. There is a hard-hitting bass that is very prominent and catchy drums. The vocals are smooth and spit venom. If you’re feeling a little insidious, this track is for you.