Fly Patrol by J.Outlaw


 Hip hop artist J. Outlaw releases a super banger on the 28th of September from Los Angeles, US called “Fly patrol.” Outlaw discovered his passion for music in the 2000s, which is a clear inspirational sound in his music. Since then, he devoted his life to understanding making music and lyrics. His first-ever project “One Way Street Vol.1”, solidified his mark on the music world. 

Flexing and flaunting a superstar-style living, this song has Outlaw show us his take on indulging in wealth and fame. The overall sound of the song is chill, laid back, and a little nostalgic to the late 90s, and early 2000’s hip hop and rap style. With that being said, there is an undertone of sexiness and swaying smoothness from the vibe of the song, it feels like the track is almost flirting with your ears. The song is medium paced and the soundscape is a slow R&B tone with a breezy flow, and magical sound effects that create the main feel of the song, like sparkles sprinkled on the beat every 5 seconds. I mean, this is the sophisticated and chic kind of sound to hip hop and we’re thanking Outlaw for bringing this type of rap music back in style. The song is medium-paced with a lot of texture added by playing and replaying Outlaw’s verses. 

Of course, Outlaw spits bars in a nonchalant, glamorous manner that is the voice of a winner, and we can’t help but fall a little in love with the attitude he is giving us in the song!



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