EP: re//combinator by Combinator


Experimentation, genre-breaking, and multi-layered are three words that popped into my mind when I was checking the brainchild of the Seattle-based artist Sean Fairchild Combinator. Combinator dropped his latest EP Re//combinator” on June 17th and it offers a deep sound journey into Combinator’s mind with 4 original singles and 3 remixes of his previous works “Respira” and “Through The Fog” by Hesse Hol and Chi:Child, so let me tell you about this trip 

Our journey starts with “Guest in Your Own Skin”, a pure modern progressive piece with balanced industrial and electronic elements, extremely heavy bass, and excellent layering. “Things That Should Be” seamlessly comes next taking things to a more serious and experimental level, its fast and dynamic beats were mixed with subtle melodies, fluid vocals, and balanced changing dynamics in a solid structure that surprisingly kept all these sounds intact. Combinator tuned things down a lot on “Hide and Seek” creating a more-pop-like ballad with well-arranged and layered effects and flowing emotional melodies. “Cartoon Character Child” comes next with dreamy spacey sounds and some improvisational vibes, I believe this is one of Combinator’s beautiful creations and my favorite of this EP. The two “Respira” remixes “Jesse Hold Club Mix” and “Jesse Holt Chill Mix” took the original tune to different territories, with the 1st focusing on its upbeat energetic side and even upgrading it, while the 2nd builds upon its subtle dark vibes adding some extra soothing chill layer, with both extending its length and taking the time they need. “Through The Fog (Chi:Child Mix)” preserved its blues-rock roots and swinging groove, this one says a lot about Combinator influences and deep rocking roots and shows his diverse sound and songwriting skills and this diversity made me want to dig more into Combinator’s catalog. 

“Re//combinator” is an enjoyable and unpredictable sonic journey led by Combinator, mixing heavy high-tech proggy tunes with chilling ballads and bluesy melodies all in one EP blew my mind and teased Combinator’s writing skills, sense of melody, and musicianship to those who’re just getting into his music, I’m definitely keeping an eye on Combinator and will be looking forward to more, cheers and keep on rocking!


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