Jane Allison’s second single off her studio album ‘Like Magdalene’, a song called ‘Frayed’, is a triumphant affair of folk rock that comes loaded with soaring pads, an intricate composition, and Allison’s haunting voice and words.

 Singer and songwriter Jane Allison hails from Bath in the United Kingdom, and her sound can be safely described as a significant nod to great folk names from the 60s and 70s, but with a modern twist. Names like Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez can probably be traced back to, the hunt for the influences of ‘Frayed’. From the Baez-inspired intricate acoustic arrangement to the valiant melodies and stoic vocal delivery that harkens back to Mitchell’s golden days in the late 60s, ‘Frayed’ is a tasteful mix of timeless folk sounds.

 With empowering lyrics that call for action against traitors and cheaters, a wake-up call from the slumber of deceit and betrayal, we found that the music could just as quickly be a wartime morale booster as a gentle, strengthening embrace for someone who has been cheated on. Leaning on lush vocal harmonies and rich pads to create a misty, dense texture, the song’s busy-sounding arrangement and particular choice of chords make the music stand out as inspired by the folk-rock of the 60s, and the distinctive vocals drive that point home even more.

 ‘Frayed’ is an illustrious display of lyrical and musical prowess from Jane Allison. A capable collection of a unique singing voice and style, and an ear for scenic soundscapes that paint detailed paintings using colors and textures, ‘Frayed’ is a sweet second taster from a sublime album.