Album: Pigmented Reality by KATE PENDING


Berlin has been the birthplace of some of the most adventurous and groundbreaking electronic music…and brilliant artist Kate Pending continues this rich tradition…and elevates it even more with her latest album “Pigmented Reality”.

Made up of 15 tracks…”Pigmented Reality” goes through the whole spectrum of electronic music…and not only that but also through the emotional spectrum too…from upbeat vibes to ominous darkness and all that is in between.

Kate has been working as a solo artist, creating music and working on mixes for years, honing her skills and channeling her creative spirit into making absolutely mesmerizing musical experiences through the electronic realm… “Pigmented Reality” is the epitome of this endeavor…

Kate starts the journey with “Lost Ways”…an introduction to what comes after, setting the stage for the stories to follow and the adventures that we’ll embark on during the experience of the album…jumping after that into the ‘real’ first track if you will…” Soma Sequence”…a powerful track that instantly got us vibing to its beats and electronic arpeggios along the catchy minimal vocals.

…and speaking of emotional spectrums…the title track of the album really shows the diversity and adventurous musical spirit that Kate is famous for…”Pigmented Reality” starts with a soundtrack-like, rich-sounding intro that continues to evolve into a very fresh form of electronic musical experience.

“Retro Island” takes a pop/dance/electro direction and once more further confirms Kate’s diverse range and chameleon-like talents when writing music…

The album continues to surprise with each track, twisting and turning, tapping into emotions that maybe we’ve been holding back on…

To top things off, the last 3 tracks feature remixes by both Iron Curtis and VOID LOOP().

Kate Pending’s album “Pigmented Reality” is one complete package of groundbreaking electro adventures, masterfully mixed and mastered, neatly wrapped, and highly enjoyable…so, make sure to check out the album right away, this is not to be missed.

Wishing all the best to Kate Pending, the brilliant mind behind everything in “Pigmented Reality”.


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