From Indonesia to Canada, crossing the world, spreading music and love across all in between, Siblings Ree and Dito of The Macarons Project released yet another emotional hit with their latest single “Heartbreaker”…

The siblings began their journey in 2014, initially performing cover songs, then went on to pursue creating original compositions in 2020.

Their iconic cover of “Fly Me To The Moon” was featured in a CNN documentary, ‘The Hunt for Planet B’ by Nathaniel Kahn….then the same song got sampled by British rapper Dave. The Macarons Project, or TMP for short, has their latest single, “Heartbreaker,” delving into the complexities of relationships and love…it is also part of their upcoming album “Reverie” set to release in summer 2024.

Ree, the vocals of the project shine through with her angelic, smooth, and vulnerable performance, while Dito, the guitarist, strums the strings of our hearts…together, they give the world a masterpiece of music and song…

“Heartbreaker” is masterfully performed and captured…and should be on any playlist in the world…it’s just an amazing song that shouldn’t be missed at all costs…

Excellent quality on all levels…the composition itself is mesmerizing and emotional…

…and the arrangement is absolutely mind-blowing…

…of course, let’s not forget the brilliant sound engineering done here.

If I had to choose one song to have all the people in the world listen to, it would be TMP’s “Heartbreaker”.

Perfection taking the shape of a song.

Wishing all the best to the brilliant duo, Ree and Dito, wishing all the best to The Macarons Project…your star will shine brighter with every passing day.




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