Seattle-based orchestral pop fusion group Goodnight Suzie released an epic orchestral musical journey titled “Free”…I find myself speechless standing in front of such grand musicality…” Free” is an adventure, an epic, a tale of many emotional layers…and it’s brilliant.

Goodnight Suzie is the result of singer/songwriter duo Suzie and Ben Bradford…and they’re husband and wife too!

…to give the world their latest song “Free” they had to go above and beyond…they worked with Northwest Sinfonia, a highly revered and sought-after orchestra known for their stunning Hollywood film scores, working with renowned Seattle virtuoso violist Andrew Joslyn, whom also conducted the orchestra.

The result is simple…pure musical bliss…

“Free” starts with the sounds of the string section and Ben’s guitar…with some emotional fluctuations that get set in motion through the amazing dynamics of the string section…

…Suzie’s voice comes into the picture elegantly and smoothly…building up bit by bit, the vocals end up soaring high…full, rich… mesmerizing.

The orchestration is stunning…running violins, huge brass notes, and soft woodwind elements…all move dynamically like a clockwork that is run with emotion…the ocean wave-like movements of all orchestral instruments are an experience to behold…I picked up my jaw from the floor after the song finished…

Suzie’e vocals are beautiful, full of emotions, powerful, charismatic, and unique in every aspect possible…I can’t imagine the amount of musicality between Ben and Suzie, the harmony, the sync…they are absolutely on the same wavelength.

“Free” is stunning, mesmerizing, beautiful, musical, melodic, huge sounding, and above all…touches the heart in an instant.

Wishing all the best to Goodnight Suzie…can’t wait to hear more of their amazing music.



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