US artist Super Saiyan Jay releases a new heart-pumping single titled “Staying In”…a powerful hip-hop track that also gives some insightful social commentary that anyone could relate to.

“Staying In” tackles the topic of people not having the energy to socialize and go out…preferring to stay in…and this has been very real to the human race, especially during the peak time of COVID…perhaps even being not an option to go out…

…but on the other hand, not all people are the same…some prefer to go out, and some prefer to stay in, I’m one of the “Staying In” kind of person to be honest.

We want to escape into our realities and we create these realities when we’re at home, our comfort zone…the ultimate comfort zone…the topic of “Staying In” is an extremely relatable topic and that in itself is a huge success from Super Saiyan Jay…but he doesn’t stop there…

…the music is absolutely brilliant, embodying this exact emotion and giving it a material form, which is music and song…

With thumping bass, interesting beats, vocal layers, a lo-fi piano that haunts you, and an excellent lyrical story, of course, mixed with Jay’s unique cadence and mesmerizing flow…everything adds up to a complete package that feels laid back, chill and could be vibed to instantly.

Wishing all the best to Super Saiyan Jay, can’t wait to hear more of his unique musical and lyrical art…




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