FUGAZI by BoyBoy


‘FUGAZI’ is a breath of fresh air within the scope of jazzy soul pop. From its twisting rhythm, lush arrangement with a sublime layering job of vocal and synth chops, to the smooth vocal delivery from BoyBoy, ‘FUGAZI’ stands out and is ready to be replayed over and over again.

Based in Perth, Australia, BoyBoy is a musician who started as a bedroom producer back in 2018, then continued to hone his sound, collaborating with a number of local artists, until the present day where his name is held in high regard in the café music and easy listening scenes. Listening to ‘FUGAZI’, it becomes clear that BoyBoy is here with a more nuanced work than his usual, as the song features a relatively intricate mix that rewards attention with revealing more and more of the layers that construct the gorgeous sound, which is perhaps not the best of formulas for café music. Nonetheless, ‘FUGAZI’ is a chill soul pop stunner that’s more on the jazzy side of things, making it feel and sound special.


The parlor quartet-sounding vocal sample was enough to get me hooked, then BoyBoy proceeded with a few delightful lines of a sparkling piano to accompany the offbeat groove, and I was completely sold. Check out ‘FUGAZI’ by BoyBoy if you’re down for some smooth soul music, or if the songs of Frank Ocean or Matt Corby are your cup of tea.