Cantina by Anoush


The latin vibes that drip from Anoush’s latest single fuse with the electrifying pop production and the classically trained sensibilities of the artist to create something quite special on ‘Cantina’.

The chanteuse known as Anoush is a classically trained musician, pianist, and recording artist which originally hails from California, but after extensive travels, she now calls her Boise, Idaho home studio her headquarters. On her latest release, the melancholic latin vibes are in generous supply, supported by Anoush’s deep and pulling vocal texture and distinctive performance style that oozes with charisma and gravitas.

The music itself is pure summertime pop, ready for any dance floor, anywhere, anytime. The sensual guitars are clean and sparkling, the bass is popping, and the nuanced groove is grooving. Intricately arranged, the song structure is detailed, and the consistent change lends an air of dynamism to the sound, making the sound even more engaging and immersive, again supported by Anoush’s stellar style and voice.

Catchy, captivating ‘Cantina’ is a special song for sure. Terrific sensibilities make the music immediately stand out among all other summer hits, and the fantastically calculated production job puts us in front of a very talented and complete songwriter and producer. We really love ‘Cantina’, and we only wish it didn’t end so abruptly.


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