Games by Sharl


Sharl is an up-and-coming artist who is rapidly leaving her mark in the pop world with her authenticity and freshness in sound. The Australian artist was previously signed to a UK indie record label and recently decided on re-inventing herself and introducing herself as an independent artist who is following her own rules. She has already released 3 singles this year with no intention of slowing down soon. The talented singer and songwriter is paving the way for an upcoming album release under the name “City Lights” which is expected to be released later this year. The album started coming together during the pandemic and several lockdowns. It’s a mix of different vibes and moods from vintage disco to classic ballads, with a variety of sounds that will surely keep you hooked. The songs are emerging from an authentic place and personal experiences; they reflect as Sharl explains: “the ups and downs of dating and relationships against the backdrop of city life”. 

“Games” is her fourth and latest single released this year. The song is about being cautious when you’re dating someone new, it’s about being scared to completely let go and show your true feelings and worrying you’d be taken for granted which is the current ongoing dating battle. The music is upbeat, fun, and energetic with a cool, unusual twist; the artist uses video games sound effects, specifically Nintendo’s tones. She’s accompanied by synths and punchy beats. The song was produced by Daniel Bohen who helped her take the song in a new and fun direction. Check out the artist’s Instagram account for more information on her latest album release date.