1punch. (Prod. Areo) by IreQ Savage


IreQ Savage is a multi-pot artist currently based in Orlando, Florida. His production is wide and versatile, containing songs that perfectly suit every mood or experience life offers us, and he adds a new version, “1punch.”

 This track has tangible heightened energy, and Savage’s performance is as buoyant as ever, turning it into an adrenaline-pumping experience with rap and incendiary poetry.

 “1punch.” Savage takes him to new territory as he reveals a self-aware artist with a mastery of storytelling, who retains a refined flair for melody through which he creates undeniable auditory powers.

 There are times when you need music to unleash it and go with it, that’s what you’ll find in “1punch.” Its heavy, intense beats blending rap with a few shouts of rock, make you sway to the sound and let out a shriek of pent-up frustration. “1punch.” His name seems to be inspired by the blows Savage takes him screaming at the top of his voice, and the words collected while he’s driving come out that let you get everything off your chest and feel free.

 IreQ Savage sings emotionally and conveys everything he thinks through his words and hides nothing. His style of performance is authentic and expressive and we find him screaming, challenging, and driving the adrenaline in our thoughts to rearrange them.

 Listen to the track “1punch.” from IreQ Savage and enjoy it, because it’s great and works just as well for any case.


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