God Complex by Mirnaz


Pop wonder Mirnaz returns with a compelling pop take on her previously released acoustic success ‘God Complex’. An affair of synthetic strings that ooze with charisma, a confident vocal performance, and a hard-hitting, street-conscious production.

Born in Baghdad and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Mirnaz is a singer and songwriter with a diverse background that fuels her curiosity, passion for music, and unique perspective on life and things. ‘God Complex’ starts with the somewhat controversial statement of “I stopped believing…” as the Nelly Furtado-inspired instrumentation fires up behind her. She then proceeds to describe the toxic relationship that she stopped believing in. Intelligent lyrical twists call upon her iconic Middle Eastern influences like Amr Diab and Kadim Al Saher, while the danceable groove mirrors her influences from the opposite side of the globe, like Jay Z and Beyonce.

In the end, Mirnaz’s ‘God Complex’ is rich with character and color. Intricate vocal harmonies and a nuanced arrangement that makes smart use of production details that efficiently fill the gaps intentionally left by the minimalistic composition. Diverse, chic, and cool, Mirnaz is onto something big here.


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