Narcissus by Izzy Pingrey


There can be no denying Izzy Pingrey’s ability to pen down a catchy piece of pop. With her delicate compositions on acoustic guitar and piano, and her eloquent and often deceptively deep lyrics, Izzy Pingrey returns after her recent debut success ‘sick of it’ with ‘narcissus’.

Based in New York city in New York, Izzy Pingrey is a singer and songwriter who takes delicate and intricate matters, often from her own life’s happenings, and turns them into charming pop tunes. The fantastic ‘narcissus’ sees her delve into her childhood passion for Greek mythology, and the story of the son of the river god Narcissus (can you guess what his issue was?).

Izzy’s moving arrangement features primarily a minimalist shape on an acoustic guitar that’s rhythmically consistent and driving, while sparkling piano notes fill the air around it. Izzy’s vocals are beautifully layered. Multiple melody lines intertwine to form the lush vocal arrangement of ‘narcissus’, on top of which most of the song’s weight is loaded. The poignant lyrics are about Izzy always pouring too much time and effort into her relationships with people who never do the same for her, ultimately that she can never control or change them, and deciding to invest her time into better relationships with more giving friends, and hopefully into writing more songs.

‘narcissus’ is sweet and immediately catchy. A direct suburban pop hit that makes use of Izzy Pingrey’s beautifully calculated and controlled deliveries, her deep and meaningful lyrics, and her musical mind that knits everything together with touching melodies and harmonies. At just 17 years old, there’s a lot in store for Izzy Pingrey.