God Only Knows by Fynyx Nation

Michael Kim Photography

Fynyx Nation’s fresh single, “God Only Knows,” delivers a dose of hope, energy, and snappy beats. In other words, the type of jam you need to cool your summer.

The Vancouver musician, Adrian Essiet, who is better known as Fynyx Nation, has captured the summery vibes in his original, bouncy sound. The get-up-and-go single, “God Only Knows,” has been dropped on July 29th to be one of your vacation’s overplayed tracks. It has a blend of genres and vibrant vocals that urge you to get hyped up and keep moving.

Straight from the intro, the song has a vital ambiance that makes any numb part of you shake till it falls off. The beats are insanely bursting and the 80’s synthwave will make you feel that you’re in a sparkly room that is half retro and half futuristic.

The vocals are such a mood! Fynyx Nation’s voice is racing the beats and keeping the energy high. His vocals are lusty, fast-paced, and passionate. He carries the light from the composition and the darkness from the well-thought-out lyrics.

I’ve mentioned that the song gives hope, but the talented artist brilliantly managed to write lyrics that have a twist as they are slightly dark yet optimistic, making the song feel genuine and relatable.

The Canadian music scene undoubtedly has a skilled musician who will dazzle electronic/synth pop fans who prefer the retro atmosphere but enjoy the taste of the current sound. “God Only Knows” is the lead single and the ideal glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming EP “The ColdRoom.”



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