Gold by Shanay Morant


Enter a hardcore heaven experience for 4 minutes with artist Shanay Morant’s new explosive song ‘ Gold’, which is highly addictive and sensual.  An unusual pop outtake that is laced with an infectious, unmistakable R&B soul into it, it’s released on the 1st of January from New York. Sexy voice snippets, interchange male and female voices that create a tense dialogue, this song is just another level of fine modern taste. She started 2 years ago in LA, with influences like Janet Jackson and Pharrell Williams. She also recently started producing which is a new venture that she’s excited to explore. 

You can sense an early 2000’s female explosive sound of  Beyoncé, Shakira, and The Pussycat dolls with this song. It’s sexy, it’s melodic, it’s spicy and it’s everything you need to unleash your inner dancing beast on the dance floor. The overall sound of the song is very seductive and will give you a huge self-confidence boost. The musical arrangement is mind-blowing, there’s so much you will feel with every second of the beat. You’ve got a piano that moves a very melodic, medium-paced beat, jungle drums at the beginning, smooth and slick snippets of female voices, lots of hi-hats, and bass that’s aligned with the tone of the beat that is lowkey giving off lots of heat. This is a high-quality production and definitely a fresh voice for pop music. For some reason, Shanay reminds you of Chris brown style. We expect big things from Shanay in the music industry.