GOOD by Onbar

Nino Panes

Onbar, who is based in San Jose, has released the summer smash “GOOD.” which, as the name suggests, is about unwinding and appreciating the good vibes. According to the artist, this song was composed in two days with the assistance of two friends (Patrick Hizon-Producer/Co-Writer, and Orion-Song-Co-Writer). This song was inspired by the desire to create something that felt good with the intention of making the listener feel the same way.

This song’s synth-pop and R&B tones are firmly established, and the pulsating energy reinforces the carefree attitude.

Complementing the song’s warm energy, he expresses his elation through frantic energy that is comparable to the elation you experience when summer finally arrives.

It is a promising combination of bedroom art-soul and 1980s new-wave pop maximalism and a union of lonely-boy self-reflection with a sense of greater cultural significance. It reminds me most of the promise in the soundtracks of John Hughes’s movies: that an outsider’s story could be the thing that brings millions of people together and makes them feel something.

The musical references to that era are most prominent in the chorus, which is almost saccharine in its dedication to the synthetic. It is anchored by Onbar’s vocals, which reveal themselves in slow, syrupy drops. He sings with only inner grace and serenity, devoid of force.



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