Stronger Than Human by Mya Luv

George Dimitrov

They say that “a life without love is no life at all.” But the thing about love is that it is conditional and finite, and we require an endless source of love that has no limits and is always present to shower us and make our empty parts feel whole. There is a type of love bestowed by divine power that is “Stronger Than Human.” Mya Luv, a soulful artist, is giving us a taste of how this love feels in her latest single, “Stronger Than Human.”

Hailing from Mya Luv, Canada, the singer/songwriter Mya Luv has a celestial voice that warms the cold, troubled heart. In her single, “Stronger Than Human,” her clear, mesmerizing vocal lines mingle ethereally with soothing piano notes and tender guitar chords. Luv has diverse influences that give her an authentic sound, and it’s shown in the single, which features a blend of Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Soul elements.

The beauty of “Stronger Than Human” is that you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to connect with it. Mya Luv has enough sensations for both of you and will convey to you her peaceful, intimate feelings. Whether it’s relevant to your beliefs or not, you’ll feel some chill and light running through your veins into your heart.

We need some comfort and serenity in our daily life and choosing Mya Luv’s “Stronger Than Human” to get that peace and be immersed in heavenly glory seems to be the optimal choice.


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