Higher Ground by FIREBIRD UNION


Firebird Union is a brand new musical project, consisting of the two brothers Ross and Matt Churchill, who have an ocean separate between them, yet the waves of music bond them. Hailing from London and Los Angeles, the duo released their debut single, “Higher Ground,” bringing to the scene a fresh sound that has a strong ‘90s hint seamlessly mashing with contemporary flair.

“Higher Ground” is the song where every element is so full of life, which is ironic as the song’s theme is the apocalypse and how we are running out of time. You’ll find yourself in this apocalyptic realm, singing along with the hooking chorus, “Where are you gonna stay when there’s nowhere left?” The bombastic song starts with a chaotic, buzzy intro, announcing something electrifying on its way. What comes next is structured to get you grooving, even if it’s the end of time. All of the components show the brothers’ musical prowess as they work together to craft an atmospheric soundscape. The playful bassline, the lush synth, the dynamic percussion, and the entire swirling rhythm all urge one to engage and vibe.

The vocals offer nostalgia and futuristic flavors along with both a bright and profound ambiance, creating funky waves along with the composition and making every verse planted in your head. It’s such a charismatic performance of resonating voices where there are haunting male vocals and dulcet female vocals that join in the chorus.

All of that is tied together with dope production, which polishes every ingredient and adds more colors to the vivid canvas. As a debut song, the duo demonstrated their musicianship, and each one brought their best qualities to the project as they both had their musical paths before founding Firebird Union.

If you are fond of indietronica, Firebird Union is your way to go, and if the world is ending, “Higher Ground” is your song for the scene.