Tipping Point by GRACE & MOJI


We are about to embark on a personal, intimate journey with the married indie duo Grace & Moji’s third and latest single, “Tipping Point.” The touching journey is filled with raw emotions that are conveyed through every element. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to be immersed in this emotionally charged masterpiece’s aesthetics.

Graceful guitar chords open “Tipping Point,” and it soon gets joined by Moji’s warm, hazy vocals to initiate the journey where we are a part of such a tense story. They take turns telling their side of the story, so Grace enters next with dulcet, silky vocals, and then they both sing the chorus with a soul-stirring performance. The beauty of the dual vocal delivery is that it captures the song’s entire theme as it conveys a relationship “on the verge of falling” yet a hope that “things can be different.” Each performance sounds melancholic and vulnerable, while in the chorus when their vocals unite, power and hope seamlessly burst through their heart-melting singing.

The vocals are surely the center of attention; however, the musical composition plays a key role in delivering the emotional complexity and the ups and downs of the story. You need to know that this is Grace and Moji’s personal experience, which is palpable through the sincerity of the song, and even the instrumentation demonstrates that. The acoustic-driven folk/rock melodies offer the pain, the uncertainties, and the hope of overcoming the struggles. As the song progresses, we witness a dramatic guitar playing that aligns with the passionate vocal delivery, and that’s where the musicality’s strength lies in the moving simplicity.

I can’t wrap up without mentioning another two significant ingredients, which are the heartfelt lyrics and the smooth storytelling, as they enhance the getting-involved listening experience. As well as the artistic music video that nailed capturing the essence of the song through each piece of footage. Grace & Moji have not only outdone themselves in their new audible releases but also their remarkable visuals.

Quite a journey, right? It’s an epic one, indeed. You don’t want to miss it.






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