I Do by Colleen Rennison


There’s something enthralling about Colleen Rennison’s youthful and powerful lyrics coming from her fine soul voice. On her latest release, titled ‘I Do’, we find Rennison capturing the essence of having a sweet summer crush, and fused with her essential musicality, we end up with one very special piece of soulful R&B.

Vancouver-based, Colleen Rennison is a singer and a songwriter whose soaring voice stuns as much as her musical choices. On her latest release ‘I Do’, we find what can be described as two songs blended together, creating a dichotomy that I never knew I needed. One of those songs is the breezy, dreamy introduction. Warm, embracing, bright and upbeat, this part sees Rennison playfully blaming her crush for not giving her the attention she needs. The music is playful and cheerful, but weighted, thanks to Rennison’s heavy-weight phrasing skills and rich vocal texture. This part then gets interrupted by a freight train of experimentation that sees the song going through time changes, as well as an abrupt change in mood, with a sudden infusion of a healthy heft of melancholy, as the instrumentation picks up its pace behind the singer, creating a soulful orchestra of hard-hitting piano and drums that boldly mirror Rennison’s changing vocal dynamics. A stunning display of musicianship on the part of Colleen and her co-musicians. 

‘I Do’ is a special release that showcases intricate skills from an artist who’s not scared of basically fooling you. Inviting you for a peppy summertime pop, before hitting you hard with some heavy music that you got in no way prepared for. Colleen Rennison easily stuns on ‘I Do’.


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