TMH by Echezona


With a beat that slaps the sleep out of your eyes, Boston, US-based rapper and hip-hop artist Echezona released a fire song called ‘TMH’ on the 7th of October. Echezona is a multilingual rapper, who views himself as a ‘Kid of the immigrants’. He grew up with a blend of cultures in his veins, as he is a son of Africa with Nigerian origins and an American upbringing. Echezona best describes his style as a musical bed of hip-hop and afrobeat rhythms. He works with producer JPRIZM, and his most famous song ‘Galileo’, is featured in EA sports 2k basketball games.

Energetic and hyped up, 22-year-old Echezona raps from the core of his soul in this song, with so much strength and anger. This song talks about people who try to box you in, thinking they can tell you who you are. It’s for the people who hate being stereotyped. The catchphrase of this song is ‘How you gon’ tell me about me?’. With that vibe in mind, the song’s overall sound is hype and hard-hitting. There are so many emotions being displayed, with speedy bar spitting and a fast rhythm. The musical arrangement is dynamic, with a lot of hard bass, kick and snare, and a sound effect that is a mix of piano and xylophones that makes a playful melody.

A notable sound is an alarm used to shock us in the beat. This a great song to bring your senses to alert mode!


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