I’ll Be Alright by stiLLbe


Artist stiLLbe releases a captivating dark pop release song called “I’ll be alright”, on the 14th of October, all the way from Prague, Czech Republic. A pop ballad with a cinematic vibe, singer and songwriter Rebecca Meagher and Producer stiLLbe joined to form this collaboration together. Some of the influences are Pink, Kesha, and Sia. 

Pop songs take a different course when it’s dark and highly melancholic like stiLLbe’s. Rebecca really moves us with her beautiful, sorrowful voice and deep words, reaching our wounds gently yet forcefully. The song talks about moving on even though your world may seem to be falling apart. You can really feel her broken soul reaching out to all those who feel the same and wish to cross to a better place from the darkness. The overall sound of the song requires a good crying session and warm blankets. The musical arrangement is rich with a sad piano melody fracking the beat as a dark violin sound effect creates the gloomy soundscape of the song. The percussions play a huge part in the song’s highs and lows, with heavy drum come-ups. The song is relatively fast-paced. Rebecca’s voice is deep and high-pitched as if calling you to embrace your darkness and vulnerability. We need more dark pop songs like this one!