I’m Fine, Really by Piccoloblack


Every once in a while comes along a song that leaves me dumbfounded. It’s been a while, and such a song is right here.

The Vancouver-based producer/songwriter Piccoloblack is back with a new tiny (but heartfelt), minimal (but full of color), and simple (in a deceptive way) single, titled ‘I’m Fine Really”. Born out of heartache, this is one of the very few songs that I’ve ever come across to put in mind a specific color. Yes. This song sounds like a vague shade of hazy purple.

Dominated by a thick layer of seasick synths playing massive chords along glitchy and bouncy percussive elements that are less percussive than atmospheric. A steady trap beat carries along the whole structure and gives it a vulnerable form as it struggles to keep itself together under the ensuing gentle chaos of the floating synths and all the percussion.

A processed and eerie vocal line jumps out of nowhere. The song is about Piccoloblack feeling happy that an ex-SO is being alone and miserable, and the toxic vibes of that feeling are carried over quite elegantly with the music. 

A sound as purple as the toxicity it portrays, but is not devoid of creativity and musical sensibilities. I may not particularly recommend Piccoloblack as a boyfriend, but I’d be more than eager to recommend his music to those who can stomach it.