I’m Here Now by PrYmary Colours


Some songs begin as the artists’ personal expressions but develop into motivating anthems that others may relate to and be inspired by. Through a peppy sonic barrage, PrYmary Colours is making a strong statement that one should be able to express themselves, be themselves, and refuse to be oppressed.

PrYmary Colours are the duo willing to take us into their own world created by vintage sounds produced with modernity and liberating themes and performances. Their latest single, “I’m Here Now,” demonstrates that they can make fun, meaningful music that offers you both positive energy and an inspiring message.

“I’m Here Now” is a confident narrative with synth-pop flair to manifest what the band’s singer, Cayisha, had to face as a woman of color who grew up in Ireland. The gutsy lyricism highlights the difficulties she faced and how they can serve as stepping stones to success. It’s a personal experience that can reflect on anyone in a society that makes them feel like a minority.

The song discusses the everlasting problem of racism through an upbeat cadence with Italo Disco and Synth Pop sensibilities. It’s like you’re listening to a sophisticated motivational speech in the middle of the dance floor while the bouncy beats move your body and the sincere, sterling vocals move your core.

While we’re enjoying the journey of the retro sound with its echoing bass line and colorful synth notes, we are being taken into a visual daydream where we get to see a student stand up for herself, unleashing her magical inner power and bringing the Pink Floyd lyric “teachers leave those kids alone” into life.

PrYmary Colours are like the party you go home from with a refreshed mood and some clarity of perspective. It’s something that’s better heard than said, so hit the play button below and enjoy the eccentric, vibrant ride.


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