Mil Flores by Cielo Pordomingo


Artist Cielo Pordomingo entertains our ears with an extraordinary, whimsical tune of indie pop called ‘Mil Flores’, on the 1st of September. Based in La pampa, Santa Rosa, Argentina, this song is a real insight into the interesting, unconventional, and different tastes in music Argentina may be hiding from the world. This song is the third single from Cielo’s 4th album ‘Blinkerland’, which is accompanied by a quirky conceptual music video that integrates both elements of fantasy and reality.

The art of storytelling is taken to another level with Cielo. The song talks about a toxic relationship, whose protagonist wants to escape to an imaginary world where she is rescued and filled with color. This song is completely out of the box, serving us a lot of ethereal flavors. The overall sound of the song is glorious and kind of dramatic at the same time.

The soundscape is electronic pop with an exotic tone. The rhythm is slow, and the vocals of Cielo are soft with an edgy tone, almost robotic in a sense that give the song a different taste of storytelling through song. The beat transitions a lot, and the musical arrangement is complicated, with a lot of texture and different sounds and tones. There is a lot of usage of wind instruments, with the flute for a fun touch, and the trumpet guiding the melody. There are also exotic-sounding drum sets that surprise you in the beat multiple times. Notable sounds are clapping sounds and electric guitar sound effects that add boldness to the tone.

From the mid to the end of the song, there seems to be an addition of a  soundscape of violin sound effects that give the song a twinge of oriental vibes. This song is an enriching cocktail of musical experience.