In The Ring by Hoian

Fliss Barsky

Indie artist Hoian released a hopeful indie rock debut single titled “In The Ring” on the 17th of February from London, United Kingdom.

Hoian is a new musical project by musician and producer Zena Zerai, who released her debut single “In The Ring” last month. The fresh voice promises more releases to come this year after her debut single.

Hoian has an incredible range of influences, including Julia Jacklin, Tame Impala, Radiohead, Mac De Marco, and others. The diversity of her influences already shows in the first release by the artist, as “In The Ring” sounds not like any of those other artists on their own, but a deliberate and mature blend of all of them together.

“In The Ring” was a home recording by Hoian, in which Zena Zerai wrote, recorded, and produced all of its parts besides the drums, which were recorded by Simone Langiu. The track starts off with the guitar, bass, and drums, swiftly followed by Hoian’s voice in the intro before it really opens up in the pre-chorus and chorus. The dynamic shifts and evolving instrumentation in each section keep it interesting throughout the whole track.

Hoian wrote “In The Ring” after experiencing two painful losses in one year, and as a response, she tried to remain hopeful about the future and started her latest musical endeavor with this emotionally charged, melancholic, and serene debut release.



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