Promises by Genuine Leather


Genuine Leather, the moniker of lo-fi singer/songwriter Chris Galis, is on a quest to find the “great song”, and he’s starting off the year with a fresh sound by releasing his latest single “Promises”, a guaranteed earworm that will get you grooving and dancing along.

Hailing from Texas, throughout his musical career Chris has been exploring various genres such as indie rock, alternative rock, and folk since 2015. He released a diverse range of singles, 2 albums, and an EP. This year, he decided to take a different direction and delve into synth-pop with “Promises”, which is part of a series of singles leading up to his upcoming EP.

“Promises” opens with a catchy hook featuring a funky guitar and groovy bass duo that will compel your body to move, backed by an upbeat drum line and melodic synth in the background. Chris delivers an energetic vocal line that draws you in before the song reaches the first verse. Where the song takes on a more ambient atmosphere with the synth and Chris’s soulful and flawless voice. Going back and forth between the two well-produced and written progressions, Chris ensures that the song will stay in your head long after it ends.

Overall, “Promises” is an exciting and infectious single that showcases Genuine Leather’s versatility and willingness to experiment with various sounds. The production quality and songwriting skills are top-notch, making “Promises” a must-listen for anyone who loves catchy and upbeat music.