Motif by Saif


Artist Saif based in Sydney, Australia, released a socially conscious and awareness form of hip-hop song called ‘Motif’, on the 10th of March. This is Saif’s first song in 2023 that was inspired by the movie City of Gods. Starting in 2016c Saif has made 3 albums and released many cool singles in the past years, and still continues to evolve and innovate beautifully. The concept of the song is to shed light on the systematic violence and crime embedded in poor and unprivileged areas that keep creating more oppression and raising the survival mode level too high. The music, lyrics, and every aspect of the song is well put together and representational of the topic. The overall sound of the song is steady, chill, and smooth yet very intense. With Saif’s confident, raw, and or storytelling 

Slow smooth synthy vocals on a loop subtle saxophone flirting with the beat giving it. Chill hip-hop vibe lots of shaking sound effects magical xylophone sound effects. Imagery is very grave bar spitting clear vocals.



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