In Your Eyes by Kelly Phoenix


With a voice that can only be described as beautiful and bedazzling, LA-based singer Kelly Phoenix just released his new single entitled “In Your Eyes”. The song revolves around a simple acoustic guitar chord progression that pays a ton of homage to RnB and soft rock, making the song have a special taste and flare instead of going for a bland approach. The lyrics tell a beautiful story about longing for love and standing strong in the face of the regret that haunts a broken heart. It’s a thoughtful motive and the warm tone with which it is sung compliments it flawlessly.

Kelly has a rich baritone voice that makes every inch of your body shiver the moment you hear it. His vocals are mixed in to sound like a single strong layer that accentuates the clarity of his accent and how he enunciates his words sensationally and ethereally.

On the bridge of the song, you can feel Kelly’s strong belting technique aided by the guitar that’s beautifully played by his friend Mateo Barragan. This song was influenced by Barragan’s trip to Brasil and the Bossa Nova music he listened to, and fans of the genre will most definitely love this song as he succeeded in capturing that essence in this track.